BENEDIKTUS - komunita s lidmi s mentálním postižením

Who we are

The Identity of Benediktus

Benediktus is the association of people who live their life based on Christian values in the community of people with and without disabilities. They seek to reveal deep values of life and the uniqueness of each person through the relationships in this community.

The Mission of Benediktus

Our mission is to help people with an intellectual disability to recognize and make use of their gifts and to discover the joy of friendships, to help them to show the others their inner values. These values we live in the community through our common life and work. Together we try to recover the Christian values and the culture heritage in Region Vysočina by organizing traditional festivals and the development of handcraft. Together we are also developing the community centre for people with an intellectual disability in Modletin in Železné hory (The Iron Mountains).

The Aims of Benediktus

  • To build the community of people with and without intellectual disabilities based on our identity and mission

  • To develop a community life

  • To integrate our community into The International Federation of L'Arche Communities

Governance of the organization

Contemporary constitution of governance of the organization:
Membership Assembly – is the highest body of association. It is composed of all members of association.
Board – President of Board: Ing. Karel Štěpán, Vice-President: PhDr. Jan Vančura
Community leader: Ing. Martin Jindra



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