BENEDIKTUS - komunita s lidmi s mentálním postižením

What we do

Social Services

We provide these social services:

Sheltered Housing, Social Therapeutic Workshops and Daily Service Centre 

Principles for the provision of social services

We are convinced that the quality of social services must be based on the following facts:
  • All people are equal in terms of their values, dignity and necessity for society. Value of human does not depend on his ability and it is not decreased by any disabilities or differences.
  • Balance of the physical, psychological and spiritual needs is important for overall harmony of personality and satisfaction of every human (even a person with a disability)
  • Provision of quality care itself is not enough for meeting all needs, possibility of human personality development in the mutual relations between people with disabilities and people without disabilities is also essential, because every person can fully develop only in a quality community of others.

Mission of Sheltered Housing

The mission of sheltered housing is to live and work together with adult people with mild to moderate mental disabilities, to support fulfilment of their needs and rights, and to prepare them for as independent life as possible. This service emphasizes use of natural abilities and capabilities of these people and their integration into normal society. Community coexistence, individual approach and respect for human beings enable everyone to experience the feeling of their own usefulness.


The aim of sheltered housing is to support clients in the development of their uniqueness, to strengthen their independence, responsibility and ability to make decisions, to become as little dependent as possible on the service and to develop their skills.

Principles for the Provision of Social Services

  • We emphasize the individual approach towards people with disabilities (individual plan with a personal goal).
  • We develop the potential of people with disabilities, support their individuality and integration into the group with the emphasis on quality relationships.
  • We work with the client's family regardless their origin, ethnicity, race, or religious and political beliefs.
  • We support the development of concentration, empathy, aesthetic sensitivity, practical thinking in ordinary situations and relationships.
  • We put emphasis on cooperation with public (work camps for young people, festivals, debates, concerts)
  • We shape volunteers and young people and involve them in building a community for people with disabilities.
  • We care about increasing qualifications of employees with emphasis on the personal quality of employee´s personality.

 In sheltered housing, we keep a regular daily rhythm. Morning starts with shared breakfast, followed by shared introduction to the day, then work in workshops or employment, according to the possibilities of the client. Lunch is at twelve o'clock with one-hour rest after it. There is another rest after return to the room from employment, or other services. The individual services come after and include writing the shopping list, shopping itself, cooking, cleaning common areas, gardening and taking care of small animals, but also cinema, theatre, concerts, restaurants etc. These are followed by personal hygiene private activities, visits of other rooms etc.

 We try to run the house in the same way as a normal household. Clients take turns in common household chores written on agreed list (shopping, cooking, washing dishes and wiping, cleaning, etc.) according to what they can do and what they like.

Social Therapeutic Workshops

Mission of Social Therapeutic Workshops

The mission of social therapeutic workshops of civic association Benediktus is development of working skills and habits of people with intellectual and multiple disabilities. Subsequently they become more employable at least on a protected labour market and on their own they increase the capacity to improve standard of their living.


The essential objective is to remove barriers and difficulties which prevent our client from succeeding on the labour market.

Brief Characteristics of the Service

Social therapeutic workshops offer people with disabilities working in the weaving workshop and the maintenance workshop. In the weaving workshop, they learn to make products from wool on hand weaving looms, for example bags, carpets and covers for mobile phones etc. Maintenance workshop includes more choices of different activities related to maintenance of the community centre facility. People with disabilities are involved in the maintenance of garden, orchard, help with minor construction works, preparation of wood for heating in the winter, clearing snow etc. They also learn to work with wood. In the future, there should also be bakery and workshop for fruit processing, so the range of activities will be much more diverse.

The work begins with shared morning introduction and meeting, where everyone finds out their work assignment for the day.

Social service is followed by the creation of jobs in our workshops. Each client is carefully evaluated and on the basis of this assessment, within a specified time, they can be offered a job.

The workshops aren´t only places for work, but also for building relationships between people with disabilities and their assistants. People with disabilities can actively contribute to building a community and participate in other activities of Benedictus (performing with our music band BeneBend, theatre etc.).

Mission of the Daily Service Centre

The mission of the daily service centre is development of a person with mild and moderate mental disabilities, including combinations with physical and visual disabilities. The service emphasizes use of natural abilities and capabilities of these people and their integration into normal society. We enable people with disabilities to become independent and to achieve maximum development in a collective of young people. We give these people the opportunity to participate in building a community where they can work and live.


To offer people with disabilities the opportunity to develop their potential and fully live their lives in area of Chotěboř and Iron Mountains.

Description of Services

Within the centre of daily services we offer to clients: craft activities, cultural and artistic workshop, where clients acquire professional and cultural skills. The workshops are places of team work, creative activities, therapy and intense relationships between assistants and people with disabilities. In workshops clients learn to tie-dye, comb wool, felt, shoot the movie and etc. In the music workshop they play different instruments, sing and dance with the music band BeneBend. Our clients also develop in acquiring working habits during training activities such as cooking, dining, shopping, cleaning, and self-service. They work in the garden and take care of small pets. They are also actively involved in building a community in the place of Modletín and participate in the preparation and realization of cultural events for the public.

Handcraft production

In the craft workshops we try to continue the traditional ways of production of our ancestors: we work mainly with natural materials, we renew old handcrafts. Every product is valuable because it is made with love. We obtained the trademark called „Vysočina-regionální produkt“ („Highland-regional product“) for some of our products. We renew the cultural and spiritual heritage in our region Vysočina.

Reaching out activities

The other important part of our activities is to organize cultural events for the public (Passion play in the Holly Week, Saint Venceslav’s Celebrations in September, The celebration of St. Ann in July, Advent event, The Nativity play). They have become our annual events we organise. 


In order to development of our community in Modletín we organize workcamps for young people from Czech Rep. and abroad as well as for the companies in the frame of ‘company volunteering programme’. We cooperate with schools, we organize discussions and lectures.